Caring in Bristol staff


Matt Dowse

Charity Director

What does your job involved at Caring in Bristol? I’ve got a wide ranging role here, with overall responsibility for all aspects of charity management, operations and development. Ultimately, it’s my job to provide leadership to the amazing team of people who work here, harnessing their energies and making sure that we strive to meet our vision of a society where everyone has a home, has hope and is linked to a community


Ed Reed

Caring at Christmas Project Lead

Why are you passionate about CIB? And what does the charity mean to you? I hugely enjoy passing on our surplus donations to our partner organisations helping virtually every facet of life in Bristol. Being part of the group of people that are fighting to reduce homelessness and vulnerability in Bristol is also a large motivating factor. There is a huge amount of goodwill and willpower out there, and together we can make a gert big difference.


Ben Richardson

Partnerships and Development Lead

What does your job involve at Caring in Bristol? I work closely with Matt and Marianne on our goal of developing new projects and partnerships that help support people with experience of homelessness all year round. I also take the lead jointly with Marianne on fundraising, and manage Jenny our researcher. It’s a small team, so I’ll end up getting involved in all sorts of other things too that help with day to day running and the development of the charity.


Marianne Swift

Partnerships and Development Lead

What does Caring in Bristol mean to you? I was always really keen to work for a grassroots charity that works to reduce homelessness in the city – I think that working with a small charity can bring really large rewards. Having the opportunity to work for Caring in Bristol is fantastic, the whole team are hugely committed and passionate about the work and research that we do; it’s a really creative and inspiring place to work. 


Tyrell Jarrett

Bristol Nightstop Project Lead


Julia Clapp

Bristol Nightstop Host Coordinator


Natalie Hendy

Bristol Nightstop Keyworker

What does your job involve at Caring in Bristol? I Work with Young people aged 16-24 referred to the project, support them when and where the need is to secure a safe place to stay through a volunteer host network when no other accommodation or options are available and no one else can help, I also refer to other organisations, help with CV’S or general Housing advise. (That’s in a nutshell)

Caring in Bristol Trustees 

Mary Prior


Kat Caldwell


What does Caring in Bristol mean to you? My first shift was 10 hours overnight on Christmas Eve and I remember being really nervous beforehand. But I loved it and have been hooked ever since. There’s something wonderfully unconditional about Caring in Bristol – everyone is welcome and there is no judgement. The staff team are an inspiration, and seeing and hearing about the impact of the work that they and the hundreds of volunteers do, makes you realise how important it is.

Phil Summerhayes


Lindsey Jones

Chair of Trustees

An important feature of Caring in Bristol for me is the willingness to address all levels of homelessness, from homelessness prevention schemes for young people just starting out in life, to the provision of basic food and shelter for those who have been homeless for years. No one is too insignificant, and no problems are too complex for us to care. I am passionate about our non-judgmental, open door ethos which means we care equally for everyone whatever their history, current circumstances or future outlook.

John Nelson-Smith

Treasurer and Trustee

What does your job involve at Caring in Bristol? I oversee the Charity’s finances including preparing the Annual Report & Accounts, reviewing actual income and expenditure compared to the budget, submitting Gift Aid claims to HMRC, completing tax returns where necessary and ensuring reasonable interest rates on cash deposits.

Kate Garbers


Kate joined the charity in 2016.

Nick Oakley Smith


Nick joined the charity in 2016.

Paul Hale


I am passionate about CIB because it represents the local community and its needs, which I think is vital to make sure the services it needs are provided; especially to vulnerable and marginalised people.