A New CEO for Caring in Bristol

We're ready to embrace change as a new CEO prepares to join Caring in Bristol

As the work of Caring in Bristol continues to grow, we’re welcoming a number of colleagues into newly created posts that will extend and deepen the impact of what we do. Leading the organisation for five years has been Ben Richardson.

Ben is well known for his work with Caring in Bristol by our partners and colleagues across the homelessness sector and beyond. His leadership has enabled the organisation to grow and adapt in an often-difficult operating environment; this work is continuing apace as our services and resources continue to be needed by communities in Bristol. He’s also been instrumental in progressing the creation of our new youth shelter, now firmly on the horizon.

Strong and Optimistic

Ben is shortly to take the step of moving to Italy and starting a new chapter in his life. Naturally, Ben will be greatly missed, but he will be leaving the organisation in a strong and optimistic position. This has enabled everyone involved in recruiting for the Chief Executive position to be clear in their understanding of the organisation’s needs, and to enable Caring in Bristol’s work to continue to progress.

This has been both a reflective and exciting process, involving trustees, staff, volunteers, and people who access our services. Having brought these varied and valuable perspectives together during the rigorous recruitment process means that we’re now excited to welcome Ian Byworth as the incoming CEO of Caring in Bristol. He joins us following on from his role as CEO of Citizens Advice Mendip. His extensive experience working with Shelter, Pluss and Curo Housing Association will provide invaluable insight into his work leading Caring in Bristol into the future and ensuring that our mission and values continue to be embedded in our work. Ben’s planned departure has meant a smooth transition could be planned for, enabling Ian and the rest of the Caring in Bristol team to be involved in the handover process.

Momentum, energy, and resilience

Ben says, “I’m so proud of what the team and our volunteers have achieved for vulnerable people in our city over the last five years, and deeply grateful for the opportunity to be a part of leading such a collaborative and creative organisation through so much change and growth. We have a brilliant strategy in place – our Blueprint for Change, and the momentum, energy, and resilience to continue making a big difference tackling some of the complex challenges we face in our city.”

As Ben takes his leave, Ian will commence his role with Caring in Bristol in July and is looking forward to getting to know the Caring in Bristol team and its stakeholders. He says, “I’m so pleased to be joining Caring in Bristol at this important time.  It’s a great opportunity to continue the great work that Ben and his team have been doing.  I’m really looking forward to meeting the whole team and our stakeholders.”  Once he’s arrived, look out for him introducing himself, and talking about the work of Caring in Bristol and his work leading it into the future. In the meanwhile, to the backdrop of Caring in Bristol’s usual hive of constant activity, we are preparing to wish Ben every success for his life in Italy and to celebrate his work here, which Ian and the staff and volunteer teams will all be carrying forwards.

Ben and Ian, CEOs of Caring in Bristol

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