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Caring in Bristol launches ‘No Outsiders’ campaign as homelessness is set to rise to catastrophic rates in the city Bristol-based homelessness charity calls on public help, amidst growing concerns for rising homelessness as a result of Covid-19 Local charity Caring in Bristol, is growing increasingly concerned for those at risk of homelessness due to the […]

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#NoOutsiders Campaign

As of the 20th May Caring in Bristol’s Cheers Drive project will have delivered 50,000 takeaway meal packs in Bristol to those who are homeless and vulnerably housed. The project by the homelessness charity, launched on the 6th of April to support an immediate need during COVID19. Cheers Drive feeds on average 380 homeless people […]

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50 thousand meals! #CheersDrive

Leading homelessness charities, voluntary organisations and community action groups in Bristol have joined forces to provide daily collaborative services for people who sleep rough in Bristol during the COVID19 Crisis. The charity collective are currently delivering a single point of food provision for those sleeping rough, that will run at the same time, the same […]

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Collaboration is Key

This is not a homelessness intervention, it’s a humanitarian intervention. Moving people into hotel rooms is not ending homelessness in Bristol, it’s a temporary and very imperfect sticky plaster. A real homelessness intervention would start with asking people what they actually need or want, and look at ways of supporting that, so please don’t be […]

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An important message

  I was a couple of weeks away from completing my house sale when the Covid-19 situation escalated here in the UK. Suddenly, my house sale was looking uncertain and I could see myself being in limbo for some time. In anticipation of whatever drastic measures would be announced, I contemplated heading up to West […]

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A blog by our amazing volunteer Costas

Dear Thangam Debbonaire Re: Creating a city empowered to solve homelessness. Congratulations on becoming the new Shadow Housing Secretary, as we are situated in and around St Paul’s you are also our local MP for Bristol West, and we wanted to be one of the first charities to openly congratulate you and invite you to […]

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Open letter to Thangam Debbonaire

Hello, We need your support more than ever because whilst you are in the relative safety of your home, isolated and protected, those experiencing homelessness are at great risk and extremely vulnerable. This is perhaps one of the most important letters that I have ever had to write. We are in unprecedented times with the […]

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Caring in Bristol

My first interaction with Caring at Christmas was an overnight shift on Christmas Eve in 2010. And I was immediately hooked. I turned up with no previous volunteering experience, not sure what to expect, wondering what on earth I’d talk to people about and how I’d manage to stay up all night. The briefing at […]

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Have you thought about volunteering at night?

Max* is an 18 year old from Bristol who came to Room 45 last year. After struggling with a chaotic household, an absent father and a mother unable to cope with poor mental health Max left the family home, resulting in him becoming homeless with no support network at the age of 17. After contact […]

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Max’s Story

One of our amazing guests Jane has overcome a lot this year and has been kind enough to share her story with Caring in Bristol. We thought we would share her story as an example of where the strength of an individual and the support of our Nightstop services can result in a better outcome […]

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Jane’s Story

Homeless & Need Help?