The WE CARE campaign has been designed to start conversations about homelessness in Bristol. We want to develop understandings of the issue locally and encourage people to think critically about stigma and stereotypes surrounding homelessness.

The campaign centres on 5 statements about homelessness, covering issues such as substance misuse, the housing market, temporary accommodation and rough sleeping figures.

We want to start a conversation with our city. If we all understand homelessness, then together we can make a real impact and change. Let’s make Bristol the city that solved homelessness.

The WE CARE campaign has been inspired and informed by our ‘Get To Know’ workshop programme, these workshops aim to help inform our city, providing crucial information about the current landscape of homelessness in Bristol. Our workshops provide a deeper insight into the issue, the systemic causes and the importance of prevention in tackling it as well as how to help people who are in crisis and currently experiencing homelessness. One of Caring in Bristol’s core values is that we learn, reflect and educate, because we believe this is key to solving homelessness in Bristol.

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The WE CARE campaign is thoroughly rooted in research. We want to credit all of the individual research articles and thank the researchers who helped shape and inform not only the campaign but our wider understanding of homelessness in Bristol and the UK. We encourage everyone to discover and engage with the research below.

Research articles

European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless - Position on Homelessness (2017) Relative contributions of parent substance use and childhood maltreatment to chronic homelessness, depression, and substance abuse problems among homeless women: mediating roles of self-esteem and abuse in adulthood. Judith A. Steina, Michelle Burden Leslieb, Adeline Nyamathic - Published in Child Abuse and Neglect (2002) Prevalence of childhood abuse among people who are homeless in Western countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis. E.Sundin and T. Baguley (2015) Diversity and Equality in Health and Care - Understanding the determinants of homelessness through examining the life stories of homeless people and those who work with them: A Qualitative Research Protocol (2016) NPC -Tackling the homelessness crisis: Why and how you should fund systemically. NCP (2018) Centrepoint - Families under pressure: Preventing family breakdown and youth homelessness: Centrepoint Discussion Paper (2016) Shelter - Defining Homelessness: Who does the safety net help and how does it support them? Policy Briefing (2012) Centrepoint - Preventing youth homelessness: What works? Policy Briefing (2016) PhD thesis - Analysing understandings of 'rough sleeping': managing, becoming and being homeless - Daniel Cameron McCulloch, BA (Hons), MA. (2015) Joseph Rowntree Foundation - Tackling homelessness and exclusion - understanding complex lives (2011) Government statistics on homelessness Bristol City Council homelessness and rough sleeping strategy 2019

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