Jane’s Story

Hear how Caring in Bristol helped Jane

One of our amazing guests Jane has overcome a lot this year and has been kind enough to share her story with Caring in Bristol. We thought we would share her story as an example of where the strength of an individual and the support of our Nightstop services can result in a better outcome for individuals sleeping on the streets.

Jane was a guest at Nightstop that had previously been experiencing ongoing physical and emotional abuse from her mother – after an evening of experiencing an intense episode of rage, Jane had no choice but to leave home and sleep on the streets. After two long nights without much food Jane and her boyfriend found comfort with each other until a connection was made with Nightstop.

Before moving to Nightstop Jane and her boyfriend found consolation in each other during that difficult time. Jane was a carer for her boyfriend, as he had a disability, meaning she had little time to focus on herself after this deep emotional upset. When Jane was given a place to stay at Nightstop for two weeks it enabled her to have some time for herself, collect her own thoughts and think about how she was feeling, and what she wanted to achieve for her future.

Like so many other guests, Nightstop was crucial for the transition of Jane from sleeping on the streets to enabling her to have a safe space in which she can discuss anything related to herself, receive support with her mental health, and start to think about her hopes and aspirations for the future.

Being able to occupy a space in which an individual feels; safe, comfortable and at ease is something which every person should have. Without a safe space to consistently go to it leaves no room for personal development, there is no energy left to apply to any other aspect of oneself.

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