Max’s Story

From homelessness to university

Max* is an 18 year old from Bristol who came to Room 45 last year. After struggling with a chaotic household, an absent father and a mother unable to cope with poor mental health Max left the family home, resulting in him becoming homeless with no support network at the age of 17.

After contact with another charity, Max was referred to Room 45 where he met our Room 45 Project Worker Shanta. After a meeting with Max to access his needs it was clear that Max had a history of depression but it was also clear he had no history of drug and alcohol misuse, no history of violence or aggression and he was determined to study and stay in school, with bright ambitions for his future.

Shanta and Max could see that Max simply needed somewhere to stay whilst his housing situation was being rectified and whilst a permanent place for him was being found. Shanta knew that Max was the perfect fit to be hosted by one of our volunteer Host couples, they had similar interests and personalities and they were keen to help someone get back on their feet after a rough patch.

Shanta met with the Hosts and introduced Max, after seeing that they both got on well and had similar needs and ideas about the Hosting experience it was arranged that Max would stay for a short period whilst Shanta worked hard to find a more stable home for him.

Caring in Bristol

During this time the Max was able to continue with his studies in a safe secure environment without the worry of being homeless. Max had constant support from Shanta, helping him apply for benefits, get back into regular schooling and helping to create a support network around him to help cope with his mental health, housing, budgeting and studies.

Max and his hosts were so compatible that they agreed to let Max stay for longer than initially planned, they wanted to ensure he had a solid move on plan in place as they did not want him to go back into unsecure hostel or shelter accommodation. Max’s Hosts went above and beyond any expectations we would have expected.

Caring in Bristol

Max has moved on from Room 45 and into his own temporary accommodation for two years whilst he is studying and has big ambitions of getting into the University of his choice.

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