Our history

The history of Caring in Bristol

Caring at Christmas was formed in 1987 by members of the Julian Trust charity and other interested individuals. At the time the Julian Trust night shelter was based in St Thomas’ Church near Bristol Bridge and it was here that the Caring at Christmas project first opened its doors, offering a 24-hour provision for five days over the festive period.

In April 1990 the night shelter moved to Marlborough Street and two years later relocated again to Dean Street. It was clear that moving every two years was far from ideal so the hunt began for a suitable property to convert and, surprisingly, after looking at many possibilities, an opportunity arose just across the courtyard from the Dean Street site. Caring at Christmas purchased this building on Little Bishop Street in 1996.

The Julian Trust contributed funds for refurbishment of the building and for planning and publicity costs. Public donations received by the Bristol Night Shelter Appeal (jointly organised by the Julian Trust and Caring at Christmas), then paid for further costs to complete the refurbishment work.

In July 1996, after exactly four years in Dean Street, Caring at Christmas moved into its new home on Little Bishop Street.

In 2013 Caring in Bristol became the successor charity to Caring at Christmas and in the following year Caring in Bristol sold their building to the Julian Trust. Caring in Bristol maintained an office base in Little Bishop Street and continued to run the Caring at Christmas project there.

Since 2014 Caring in Bristol has invested funds and developed its work further, widening its income portfolio and providing a sound financial base for the next phase of its development.

This has allowed us to make a real difference in Bristol by harnessing the enthusiasm and commitment of our volunteers and supporters and creating and sustaining projects that work in new, innovative ways, responding to need.

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