Get to Know

Get to know about homelessness with Caring in Bristol.

“It was an incredibly fruitful and interesting discussion that helps us begin to have a great understanding of homelessness, and particularly in Bristol. We have looked up the two reports you suggested and both look like they will be very helpful.”

– Claire Miller, Askew Cavanna Archietects

Since the beginning of the year, our Get To Know workshops have reached over 350 people in Bristol, in lunchrooms, offices, classrooms and community halls. They have given answers to the questions people most frequently ask about homelessness, at a time when the issue is so prevalent in the city.

Some of the pressing questions we have addressed include:

Why are there so many homeless people in Bristol?

What can I do to help?

Should I give money?

Isn’t homelessness basically a drug and alcohol problem?

Our bespoke designed workshops aim to stimulate understanding of homelessness in our city and the best ways we can help as a community.

“what a rich, engaging and relevant experience. Thank you so much for bringing our enquiry on homelessness to life.”

– Rita Walters, Dolphin School

If you or your business or community group or workplace are interested in homelessness in Bristol and want to help, our workshops are a brilliant place to start. Together we can help have the biggest impact for people experiencing homelessness in our city.

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