Project Z

Bristol’s only floating support service for young people experiencing or at risk of homelessness

Youth homelessness has risen sharply during the pandemic.

Project Z is here to help young people affected by homelessness regain their independence and live fulfilled lives.

The team of dedicated youth practitioners focus on helping complex young people aged 16- 25 in areas such as mental health, supporting healthier relationships, finances, tenancy start-up and sustainment, employment, education, and pre- and post-natal support.

The work they carry out is long-term, relational, and entirely client-led, meaning that they empower young people to decide the focus and pace of their engagement with the service.

In line with our values, Project Z works collaboratively with those they support, putting their needs at the centre of the relationship and focussing on creative positive, measurable changes to their lives.

The pandemic has, of course, made the already-complex situations faced by Project Z’s clients more difficult – but the team have been on hand to support them throughout. Find out more from Project Z Youth Practitioner Shanta here.

T, Project Z client:

“When lockdown started my mental health was really bad. I’m proud I have come through the other side. You walk that path alone, but it’s comforting to have you guys right behind me. It was nice to see a face I know and they know me, someone who knows what I am going through.”


Can you support our essential youth work and help change someone’s life for the better?

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