Wish You Were Here?

Greetings from the future!

Bristol looks different in 2025.

Back in the early 2020s, we saw an outpouring of concern for people facing homelessness during the pandemic. Because although many of us were safe indoors, not everyone was.

Street homelessness in Bristol had increased 1000% since 2012.

Years of underinvestment in social housing and shrinking welfare entitlements meant that people were struggling.

But community overcomes crisis and amazing Bristolians like you supported Caring in Bristol – making this future solving homelessness a reality.

Wish you were here?

Read and share our Blueprint for Change – our five-year strategy for creating a city empowered to solve homelessness.

On May 17th 2021 funding for hundreds of people placed into emergency accommodation during lockdown will be stopped, and they will face street homelessness again. A donation of £25 could support one weeks’ worth of meals and food packages for one person supplied by Caring in Bristol.

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