Winter FAQs

I’m concerned for a person I have seen sleeping rough in my neighbourhood. What should I do?

Connect people sleeping rough to local professional support using the Streetlink website or app. Link individuals to immediate help and support using Bristol Homeless Connect.

Bristol City Council’s latest guidance on homelessness and coronavirus can be found here.


Will you be accepting physical donations this year? (e.g. duvets, food, or clothing)

In accordance with Covid-19 protocols and in order to best protect the welfare of our guests, we’re limiting the amount of contact points in the journey of anything we provide at the project by sourcing what we need in bulk from partners in the community. There are many other ways to help support the project and organisation other than physical donations, such as financial donations or registering for various Caring in Bristol volunteering opportunities here.

How can I donate financially to support Caring at Christmas?

A donation of any amount will make a difference. A donation of £21 could support one person this Christmas, providing them with compassion, warmth, food, medical support and care at one of the hardest times of year. Donate and find out more here.

I represent an organisation. Can I support Caring at Christmas with a grant or pro-bono donation?

We’d welcome the chance to discuss the project and our other work with charitable trusts, foundation and companies. Please contact (trusts and foundations) or (companies) for more information.


Can I volunteer at Caring at Christmas this year?

There are a limited number of slots available at the project itself, and as part of Covid-19 protocol we are trying to limit the amount of unique individuals at the project by utilising volunteers from our other projects and those that volunteered at Caring at Christmas 2019. There will, however, be Caring in Bristol volunteering opportunities throughout winter and we’d love to have you on board! To stay in the loop about these upcoming opportunities please join our mailing list.

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