2024: A Busy New Year

Winter brings added pressure to people experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity, harsher weather bringing higher costs which can be impossible to meet, and unimaginable living conditions for people who are sleeping rough. It means we work harder to reach more people, helping them to move away from a homelessness crisis. Our teams of staff and volunteers have been digging deep to meet the extra demand.

Caring at Christmas

Our annual project, which runs for a week from Christmas Eve experienced its highest demand yet. Working with the amazing support of some of Bristol’s top hospitality businesses, 300 meals a day were served, along with support from GPs, dentists, vets, and healthcare workers. Over 400 volunteers made this possible, creating a warm welcome, and helping our guests access clothing, laundry, food, and festive entertainment and activities. We met 547 different guests during the week, making sure that they had the best experience possible. If you donated funds, goods, services, or time to the project – you’re amazing! We couldn’t have done it without you – Thank you!

Bristol Goods

Our food club has continued to mount a strong response to food insecurity, knowing that this often accompanies housing and potential homelessness issues. The team has been able to identify the “red flags” that indicate risks of homelessness, and connect them with information, advice, and resources to stop it in its tracks. Working alongside our Early Doors project, they’ve been able to signpost  individuals in a better direction for a positive outcome. Their valued work in the community means they can connect with people who would otherwise fall through the cracks in the system and connect them with help. At Bristol Goods, food is just the start; it’s what follows that makes a real difference in demonstrating that homelessness is not inevitable.

Early Doors

Our prevention project is expert at providing early support at a time when it’s not too late to take action to avoid a homelessness crisis. Through community-based co-production groups that work towards solutions, to individual casework supporting individuals through worrying housing concerns, it’s encouraging to hear of so many positive outcomes. Group work explores a range of essential themes, with participants and workers sharing their expertise and experience. They have continued to work alongside colleagues from Housing Matters and Shelter Bristol to deliver a weekly housing advice drop-in that is providing an impactful resource to the communities that it serves.

Project Z

The team has been expanding to increase its capacity, and help even more young people who have experienced homelessness and housing insecurity. With an established floating support service, the team is now hard at work on the final stages of establishing an emergency youth shelter. Known as the Z House, this is currently being built, and will soon be opening its doors to young people experiencing a homeless crisis. The team is hard at work recruiting volunteers who will play a vital role in creating a positive experience for the young people. Find out more about this exciting opportunity, and how to be involved in shaping this innovative pilot here.

During December our young people were supported to share their stories and thoughts about youth homelessness, and appeared on Heart Radio, Radio 4, and Saturday Live (also Radio 4.) We’re really proud of them in their efforts to positively shaped public understanding of the issues and experiences that matter to them.


More work to do…

This is just a quick glimpse of the work that we’ve been undertaking. Everyday we’re making new connections, new breakthroughs, and extending our impact to where it’s needed. All of this is made possible by our funders, donors, volunteers, and supporters who power our work in so many different ways. We appreciate every one of them who is supporting our mission to solve homelessness in our city.

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