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The impact of Caring in Bristol’s volunteers over the past three decades has been immense. Their time, skills, and expertise has made a real difference across Bristol through the projects, services and fundraising that they have supported.

In 2022 our Caring at Christmas programme relied on over 450 volunteers to help prepare and deliver the work that provided a day centre and home deliveries to people experiencing homelessness over the seven days of Christmas week. Without them it would be impossible to create an event of this size and complexity, and their friendly, inclusive presence was vital in ensuring our guests had the good time that they deserved. In return, our volunteers received the support and training they needed to be able to turn their valuable time into a rewarding experience.

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Volunteers at our project in the Trinity Centre
Volunteers supported deliveries of 200 Christmas food packages across Bristol

Projects such as Bristol Goods which operate in various parts of Bristol are supported by local volunteers whose knowledge of their neighbourhoods and determination to create lasting change. This means that operations like our pop-up food sessions and community social eating events are built with a better understanding of their locality.

Our volunteers also help with fundraising activities, meaning that vital funds are raised to make sure that our work can continue and be expanded. Their presence at events, whether that’s events like Bristol Pride or the Belly Laughs comedy shows, raises our profile and helps people in Bristol to better understand the need for Bristol to become a city that solves homelessness.

If you are interested in volunteering, sign up to our volunteers’ newsletter. We send this out when volunteer opportunities arise. You can also follow our social accounts where we announce any new opportunities. If you have any areas of skill or expertise that you think would support Caring in Bristol’s mission to create a city empowered to solve homeless, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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