Community Partnerships

Bristol is a city that can!

Working with Caring in Bristol means you will be helping to support people experiencing homelessness from all corners of Bristol towards leading fulfilled, independent lives they deserve. 

From faith groups to not for profit organisations, community organisations to schools – if you are part of this amazing city you have the chance to make a difference. Our vision is creating a city empowered to solve homelessness, and to achieve this we need that famous Bristolian spirit.  

Working together to make a positive impact, the communities of Bristol are some of the strongest and kindest in the country. With rising numbers of people facing homelessness in the city, we are asking for the community of Bristol to work together once more to make a lasting change. 

You are Bristol, and we are your local homelessness charity.  

Fundraise For Caring in Bristol

Becoming part of the Caring in Bristol family helps us create a city empowered to solve homelessness by fundraising in your community, for your community.

We love our amazing community fundraisers and partners – they tell us that the fundraising challenges they set help them feel energised by new activities, or by the challenge of taking an existing skill or ability to the next level. Fundraising isn’t just about the amount of money you’ll raise, it’s also about finding the activity that’s a good fit you or your group, and the fun you’ll have doing it. It brings people together and empowers them by connecting them to important issues in our society, joining with us to solve homelessness in Bristol.

Putting the fun into fundraising and directly supporting Caring in Bristol projects helps us to continue and expand our work in many of Bristol’s communities. Your involvement is part of our vision to make Bristol the first city in the UK to solve homelessness, and supporting our work moves us closer to making this a reality.

You might be thinking about fundraising in your group, school, or faith community. Whoever you are, we can support you with tailor-made advice, materials, and the tools you’ll need to make your efforts worthwhile and rewarding to all involved. Every fundraiser can make a positive impact, here’s how to get started…


Individuals / community groups

Bristol has a diverse range of people and community groups based around an equally diverse range of interests. That’s why community fundraising is so exciting, bringing a wide range of ideas for their fundraising activities. Our fundraising partners reach communities throughout Bristol, so you can be a key to raising awareness about our work to solve homelessness and having a great experience fundraising at the same time.

We have lots of ideas and advice to help you or your group and would love to hear your ideas too. We’re here to support you, and our dedicated team can help with the materials and advice you need to get going. We’ve put together an information pack that will have all the information you need to launch your fundraising initiative helping you with ideas, planning and steps on how to create the best fundraiser possible.

Download our pack, or make contact with our dedicated team at fundraising@caringinbristol.org.uk if you have any questions.

Community Fundraising Pack


Fundraising at school is a wonderful opportunity for students and their teachers to exercise their creativity, have fun together, and experience the value of supporting the local community. Our school partners have told us that raising funds in a connected and meaningful way is a valuable learning experience. We’re always happy to give talks at assemblies and school groups to help raise awareness and understanding of some of the key issues around homelessness affecting people in our communities, how we’re solving them, and how your support has a direct impact.

We support schools by providing materials to make your fundraiser exciting, meaningful and successful. We understand that school life is demanding on time and resources. That’s why we’ve created a free downloadable fundraising pack to help staff or parents hit the ground running with great ideas to take the next steps.

Download the pack today or speak to a member of the team by contacting us at fundraising@caringinbristol.org.uk

School Fundraising Pack

Faith Groups

Faith groups are great supporters of our work, and we know that their commitment to others in our society has strengthened their support for our work in helping others experiencing the complex issues around homelessness. Becoming a fundraising partner is an opportunity for your faith community to put their beliefs in action, express their commitment to helping others, spend meaningful time together, and to take part in an activity or event which reflects their interests, skills and abilities. We love to connect with our amazing supporters and can provide a speaker to come and talk to your congregation or group, helping them gain a deeper understanding of the work and the people that they will be supporting. Coffee mornings, quizzes, raffles, collections and carol evenings have proved to be fun events, but you and your congregation might have other ideas that can help fundraise while having fun with meaning. We’d love to hear your thoughts on tailoring an event to your community.

Get in touch if you’d like to support us in making an impact. Our dedicated team can help with materials, ideas, and advice. So send us an email today to get started: fundraising@caringinbristol.org.uk



If you would like to work with Caring in Bristol or would like to find out more please email Luke today:  



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