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We're bridging a gap and creating Bristol's only emergency youth homelessness shelter

We all need room to breathe, especially when life has been tough. But young people in Bristol are finding themselves pushed out and onto the streets. Homelessness becomes a suffocating experience, robbing them of safety, dignity, and opportunity.

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You can help…

By sponsoring a room at our new youth shelter for just £1,000 your business, school, church or community organisation could have the opportunity to give a young person in Bristol room to breathe, hope, grow, belong, recover, and succeed.

Get in touch with our fundraising team today if you would like to find out more or would like to sponsor a room Partnerships@caringinbristol.org.uk

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What we’re doing…

To enhance our services we commissioned research with homelessness experts, and young people, which shows the compelling need for a youth homelessness shelter.

It’s something that’s missing in Bristol. Providing safe, emergency accommodation along with expert support for vulnerable young people is now an urgent priority for Bristol. We’ve already drawn up extensive plans and secured an ideal central location. The project is now at an advanced stage.

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Building impact

Caring in Bristol’s experienced team of youth practitioners now needs to expand to meet increasing need. We already provide support to young people who have been pushed into homelessness at a critical time in their lives. By forging supportive working relationships with young people, they equip them to recover from homelessness, and whatever causes it, to build a stronger future. The impact of their work marks a turning point in young people’s lives, restoring safety, dignity, and opportunity. The shelter is an exciting new initiative to extend this impact.

One of our young people tells us, “It’s the support I need, which changes from week to week. The flexibility has helped me… not just me, but other young   people. I feel held”. We know that our approach works and releases the potential that all of us want for the young people of our city.

Designed to be different

Our youth shelter will create rooms for vulnerable young people. They will have the support of our specialist team to plan for a better future. Existing provision is rarely designed for young people; it can be bewildering, and even unsafe for young people in a homelessness crisis. Our shelter is designed to be different, building on research, best practice and the expertise of our young people who already know what it’s like to experience homelessness. It will be an important line of defence against the destructive situations that so many people experience in Bristol.

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Benefits of becoming a sponsor…

Why become a sponsor?

  • Working towards your Corporate Social Responsibility in a meaningful way
  • Increasing company visibility to a new audience who value ethical and social solutions
  • Boost positive perceptions of your brand to your staff, current and potential clients and the public
  • Promoting your conscientious and forward thinking values to your staff and clients

What your sponsorship includes:

  • Your company name and logo will be displayed on a plaque in the new shelter
  • You will receive a sponsorship certificate to display in your office
  • Invitation to an exclusive sponsors breakfast at Delta Hotels by Marriott to learn more about the project from our leading youth experts
  • Updates on the projects over the next two years which are shareable on social media, mailings, newsletters and company communications
  • Impact report on the project in year two
  • Half price to renew your sponsorship in two years’ time
  • Chance to visit the shelter once open
  • An exclusive sponsors computer screensaver that can be used to demonstrate your support to staff
  • Sponsor a room and Caring in Bristol logos to use for promotional purposes to show your support for an innovative project in Bristol

Banner reads Two Year Sponsorship for £1,000

Your support counts!

If you would like to be at the forefront of change then you can sponsor a room for two years for only £1,000. Sponsoring a room supports our vital work. Not just the wraparound care for young people to find a new home from the security of a room you have sponsored in Bristol’s only youth shelter. Your support could power our Early Doors project to prevent homelessness before it happens, and our Bristol Goods team who are breaking the link between food poverty and housing insecurity.

If you would like to find out more or would like to sponsor a room and receive all the benefits of being a sponsor then please email partnerships@caringinbristol.org.uk 

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Thank you to our current Room Sponsors

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