Impact Report – Caring at Christmas 2023

Take a closer look at what the project achieved, and the support that made it all possible

Following 2023’s busiest ever Caring at Christmas project, we’ve taken a look at our feedback and monitoring systems to look at the project’s impact. We’ve put together some of the key areas of impact in a report.

You can download a PDF of the 2023 Caring at Christmas Impact Report here.

We’re grateful to all the stakeholders of the project, from businesses to volunteers, from donors to services, all of whom supported the central aim of the project – to ensure that people experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity in Bristol were included and cared for at a challenging time of year.

  • 2742 volunteer hours were given
  • 547 guests used the project, making 1213 visits
  • “I feel like I’m at home!” said one guest

Download the report to find out what else our guests and volunteers said, and gain an insight into how the project was used, and who supported it.

Thank you to the many hundreds of people, businesses, and services that were involved for your incredible support!

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