New Caring Handbook for 2022/23

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UPDATE: Please see our handbooks page for latest updated versions of our handbooks!

Hot off the presses is the latest edition of our Caring Handbook. Compiled with up-to-date information for 2022/23, the handbook is a valuable resource for people who are experiencing homelessness. The information is there to point towards services and facilities in Bristol that can help to navigate a homelessness crisis, and the road to recovery from such a distressing time. It’s also a valuable resource for community groups, services, and businesses who may not be familiar with things such as homelessness pathways and services, helping them to quickly and effectively signpost to the places and people with the expertise to provide support and advice.

Our workers, Amy and Jos are busy delivering physical copies of the handbook to organisations and businesses around Bristol to make sure they have access to this information. If you’d like to download your copy, or know more about the Caring Handbook’s contents, visit our information and download page and bookmark it for when you need it.

The New Caring Handbook for 2022

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