Time to Climb. Time to Care.

Our supporters are reaching new heights in the fight against homelessness!

For those on the brink of homelessness, there are many mountains to climb. In a city experiencing a housing crisis, two such challenges are soaring rents, and demand for affordable accommodation outstripping supply. Caring in Bristol works to support people surmounting these challenges. In turn, we are supported by people, such as the intrepid team who are about to climb Kilimanjaro to raise vital funds to stop homelessness in its tracks.

Sponsor them on the Care.Climb.Kilimanjaro JustGiving page.

Their challenge

Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest peak, and on October 14th a group of Caring in Bristol supporters will make their way to Tanzania, and Machame Gate – the famous starting point of the climb. Each of them will face dense rainforests and tricky terrain, witness magnificent glaciers, and experience their bodies aclimatising to the high altitudes. This exhausting and demanding journey will take them to Uhuru Peak. This stands at an incredible height of 5895 metres. To put this in perspective, Snowdon would sit in Kilimanjaro’s shadow, at a mere 1,085 metres! At this point, their challenge will be to return safely to base at Moshi.

Our challenge

This is an epic journey that can push the mind and body to its limits. Driving each person on is the motivation to help ordinary people in Bristol to step back from the edge of homelessness. Through no fault of their own, too many individuals and families face the devastation of losing their home and the extreme anxiety of an uncertain future. Our climbers know that this is an unacceptable situation to be in, and the funds that they raise enables caring in Bristol’s projects to work towards ending homelessness in Bristol – for everyone, and for good.

Show your support

For our adventurers, this ascent is the challenge of a lifetime. But they are doing this because they know that homelessness is a descent into chaos and distress. Like us, they want to stop homelessness in its tracks. They need your support to make every step of their journey count. Please consider supporting them with a donation and the life-changing work of Caring in Bristol. Stopping homelessness is a huge mountain to climb, but together we can do it.

Donate here on the Care.Climb.Kilimanjaro JustGiving page.

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