Bristol Goods

A pop-up community-centred food project that does good, by Caring in Bristol

When you reach crisis point and it leads to street homelessness, the experience and pressure doesn’t end when you are provided with shelter.

Supporting people to maintain a tenancy and make their new space a home is a crucial act of care and an important step towards solving homelessness in Bristol. And that’s where Bristol Goods plays a key role.

Bristol Goods Impact Report

Bristol Goods is a pop-up shop featuring full shelves of fresh fruit, veg, oven-ready meals by Bristol’s best chefs, sundries and goodies.

Shoppers will be those who are at risk of homelessness and have recently experienced street homelessness and are newly housed. Each shopper will pay a weekly membership of £3.50 giving them full access to the shop, where they can fill up their basket weekly. Crucially, each shopping trip will include support services such as budget management, tenancy support and advocacy, mental health and wellbeing guidance and cooking lessons. Mixing autonomy of choice with life-changing services too.

Bristol Goods was inspired by research (undertaken in partnership with Caring in Bristol) evaluating food support services for those experiencing homelessness in Bristol. The research highlighted that services were highly concentrated on crisis support, providing food to those currently street homeless. Whilst this was vitally important there was a gap for food services meeting the need at other precarious points in people’s experiences.

How can food be a vehicle for solving homelessness?  Read our report

By supporting people who have recently experienced street homelessness in their new tenancy, the Bristol Goods project aims to move people beyond the cycle of homelessness and into independence. As instability during a new tenancy can so often be a cause of re-entering street homelessness, leaving people trapped in a vicious ‘cycle’.

By supporting Bristol Goods by Caring in Bristol you’ll play a part in enabling someone to break this cycle and live life independently.

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