Make a difference by Caring at Christmas 

Our annual project, Caring at Christmas provides warm, safe accommodation, food and social activities to homeless and vulnerable people in Bristol to help plug the gap in services at Christmas.

This past Christmas over 700 volunteers came together to give around 1300 homeless and vulnerable people in Bristol food, warmth, company and shelter.

Over the ten days that our Caring at Christmas 2017 project ran, we provided day support to an average of 84 people each day, bed spaces for an average of 47 people each night and served 3,902 meals.

We have many volunteering opportunities with Caring at Christmas. Volunteers can choose to be ‘guest-facing’, where they spend time with people staying at the shelter, chatting, playing board games, helping with laundry and providing support. Alternatively volunteers can choose to be ‘non-guest-facing’ where they can help in the kitchen or with other duties.

Ed Reed, Project Lead, said: “It’s amazing seeing people from all walks of life coming together to give homeless people an opportunity to get out of the cold, enjoy some good food, a warm bed, a friendly chat, and some proper old fashioned Christmas festivities. Homelessness continues to be a real problem in our city, and it’s great to see just what Bristol can do to help.”

Ben Richardson, Assistant Director said: “Every year we try to make a difference for homeless people at this difficult time of year, and are really keen to hear from anyone that can support us with their time or a donation. Bristol continues to face a significant rough sleeping problem, and we can only tackle the problem by working together with the people that care.”

If you are interested in supporting us with a financial donation here are some examples of how your money helps us:

  • £5 pays for a wash kit for one of our guests
  • £10 provides breakfast for 12 people – we make approx. 1,000 breakfasts
  • £10 pays for us to train one of our Caring at Christmas volunteers
  • £20 provides six Christmas dinners – we make approx. 250 Christmas dinners in total
  • £30 pays for 30 sets of washing and drying to be done
  • £30 pays for a fully waterproof jacket and trousers for a guest
  • £40 provides one guest with a warm bed for the night
  • £50 provides 15 Christmas dinners
  • £100 provides Spaghetti Bolognese for 100 guests.