Caring in Bristol - Food Bank

Bristol Goods, the Caring in Bristol project that makes good food do good things is working hard to address food injustice in Bristol. We’re able to make the project work even harder to break the link between food insecurity and homelessness through the work of our volunteers. They are residents from the communities that the […]

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Feeding the Future

Caring in Bristol -Barton Hill

Most people have only heard of the “Ombudsman” from the Peep Show – “a threatening man at the door with a stove pipe hat and a long hookey stick, where you have to sleep with one eye open”. As comical as this is to imagine an intimidating righteous figure breaking in to your house ready […]

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Early Doors Community Workshops: The Housing Ombudsman

Volunteers’ Week is a time to celebrate the incredible year-round work of volunteers in our society. At Caring in Bristol, volunteering is part of our DNA. It’s always been integral to the way we’ve worked. Here we meet Bee. Her journey as a volunteer with us spans many years and several projects. Volunteers step into […]

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Volunteering: “There’s lots of us doing it. Thank goodness!” (Bee, Caring in Bristol Volunteer)

Caring in Bristol - Catherine's Story

Key themes: debt, scamming, unable to find rental accommodation, family breakdown, racism & discrimination. Catherine* came to see us as she was really struggling to find somewhere to stay. She was studying in Bristol and was really excited by her course. Catherine and Caring in Bristol staff spent an action support session looking at accommodation […]

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Catherine’s Story

From Colleagues to Companions: A Christmas Romance By Bea Swallow Reading time: 2 minutes. As the decoration boxes are stowed away in the cupboard under the stairs and the leftover food supply begins to dwindle, let’s take one last look back on Christmas in all its festive charm, where some of us don’t just feel […]

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A Christmas Romance.

Photo of volunteers in homeless charity at christmas

CARING AT CHRISTMAS MOVING FORWARD SAFELY – COVID UPDATE FROM OUR CARING AT CHRISTMAS PROJECT MANAGER Caring in Bristol wanted to update our supporters on our plans regarding our Caring at Christmas Project and the developing Covid situation. As you’ll be aware, Covid-19 numbers are on the rise across Bristol and there is uncertainty regarding […]

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Mythbusting Homelessness Dismantling negative stereotypes surrounding homelessness by looking at the facts. By Bea Swallow Reading time: 5 minutes. Myths and stereotypes surrounding homelessness are extremely common and increasingly problematic, providing the foundations for further stigmatisation of an already marginalised group. Misconceptions around homelessness are arguably born and bred in the media, with poignant narratives […]

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Mythbusting Homelessness.

Solving homelessness, on a budget. 5 ways you can help solve homelessness as a student.  By Bea Swallow Reading time: 5 minutes Two years ago, I uprooted my sleepy seaside existence in Cornwall to begin a new life in Bristol, studying at university. Where I grew up there were undeniably areas of extreme poverty, and […]

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Solving homelessness, on a budget. 

Hostile Architecture Hostile Architecture

The City The Never Sleeps – Hostile Architecture in Bristol Reading time: 5 minutes By Bea Swallow Photography by George Etheredge Hostile architecture is a controversial method of urban design, specifically implemented to prevent perceived unwanted or intimidating behaviour in public spaces, such as loitering, conducting illegal activity, or rough sleeping. Installations are subtle and […]

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The City that Never Sleeps

As the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, Caring in Bristol are hard at work preparing for the colder months. Reading time: 5 minutes We are grateful for the positives of this year – the amazing support of Caring in Bristol volunteers and supporters, who have committed thousands of hours to staffing and fundraising […]

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What will homelessness look like in Bristol this Winter?

Homeless & Need Help?